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Chickweed Cream 500 Grams by Specialist Supplements

Chickweed Cream 500 Grams by Specialist Supplements
Brand: Specialist Supplements
Product Code: chickweedcream
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Chickweed Cream 500 Grams by Specialist Supplements

Quantity: 500 Gram Tub Suggested Use: Apply chickweed cream liberally as required and feel your skin smile. *Note: Please allow 1 extra week for delivery of this item as it ships from the U.K. (you will not incur any additional shipping fees). Serving Size: 1 Use * A hypoallergenic chickweed cream * Suitable for skin complaints such as dry skin, itchy skin, eczema * Can also be used as a lubricant * Ideal for people who have very sensitive skin and react to most other moisturisers & creams Chickweed enjoys a reputation in folk medicine for treating a wide spectrum of conditions, including skin diseases such as eczema, inflammation and psoriasis. Chickweed Herb Cream with no artificial colours or fragrance, making it ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. Can be applied to irritated / inflamed & itchy skin. The Latin name for chickweed is Stellaria media. Used by Naturopaths & Herbalists for many skin complaints. It is known to cool, soothe and relieve itching of the skin. Made with chickweed herbal extract Ingredients: Stellaria extract 3% to 5% (chickweed herb), Stellaria oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, C S Alcohol, Jojoba oil, Stearyl Alcohol, Tween 40 (polysorbate 40), Span (sorbitan Palmitate), IPM (Isopropyl myristate), Arlacel 165 (Glyceryl stearate 10% and peg 100 stearate), NIPGUARD , Glycerin, Water, Citric Acid, Disodium hydrogen phosphate Recommended Use: Apply chickweed liberally as required and feel your skin smile. Do not use during pregnancy.
Nancy | 10/13/2011 25 reviews
Chickweed is little expensive than other relative products. Let me know other ways of buying?
Ruby Mercy | 10/05/2011 25 reviews
My itchy and dry skin is soft as of now. My best friend was kind of looking tip from me. Oh wow..i want to hide but I disclosed the secret.
lindsay | 09/29/2011 25 reviews
I don't know but I could develop a habit of more and more itching in the recent past. It is not there in the last season, I can see things are changing this time. Using Chickweed for past 2 days. Some relief from itching.
Nicci | 09/05/2011 25 reviews
Chickweed is really amazing and works instantly. Results were visible with greatest clarity on my skin. Less itching and probably no itching marks.
Lin Cooper | 09/01/2011 25 reviews
I have dry skin texture and get itchy mostly in winters. Someone told me to apply Chickweed Herb Cream. I did and find it awesome. Threw all my other creams in trash and carrying on with Chickweed.
Mary Ann | 08/24/2011 25 reviews
This product is great, i have had pimples and acne my whole life and right through adult hood, I gave it a shot, this the best product i have used and believe me it gave me smooth shining skin.
Donna A | 07/16/2011 25 reviews
I used Chickweed Cream from the suggestion of my friend. For my dry and itchy skin. I using it my skin became smoother and itching sensation has almost stoped. It is a great product. Tanks to Chickweed.
Michelle | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It treats dry skin, itchy skin and even problems like eczema too effectively without fail. It doesn't have artificial colors or fragrance making it ideal for sensitive or reactive skin.
Cathy | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
This lubricates and moisturizes the skin to the core leaving it wrinkle free and make me feel as if my skin is smiling. It further will cool, soothe and relieve the symptoms of itching of the skin.
Melissa | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
I have found the best hypoallergenic skin cream suitable for skin disorders such as dryness, itchy skin, eczema and other related skin disorders. I don't see any patches re-appearing on my skin now. It has started showing desired results.
Leslie | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It is an hypoallergic cream which is best for all skin types and on problems like dry skin, roughness, etc. It treat these problems in no time effectively.
Jolene | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It has a reputation of treating a wide spectrum of conditions including skin diseases such as eczema, inflammation and psoriasis effectively. Apply this liberally as required and feel your skin smile.
Fiona | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It can counter the effect that takes place due to other creams having harmful ingredients. It soothes allergic symptoms as it is a hypo-allergic cream.
Elizabeth | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
The best thing is that it has no artificial colors or fragrance that can react, hence making it ideal for sensitive skin.
Michelle | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
The best thing about this produce is that it treats skin and leaves it well hydrated and at the same time it doesn't have any artificial fragrance or colors that makes it perfect for any skin type, particularly sensitive and oily skin.
Krystal | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
Having equiped with no artificial colors, fragrances, or chemicals is what makes it unique from others and gives it a league on different products within the same category. It makes sensitive skin joyous further leading to a fast recovery from allergic reactions, if any.
Lorry | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It comes up with real combination of effective sets of vitamins that support immune system and help relieving the entire system in no time. Furthermore, it comes in liquid form and it start working the moment it comes in contact with the skin.
Tammy | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
As it comes in liquid form it affects to the core as and when it touches the affected area and it makes your immune system much more healthier and stable than it could have ever gained strength through some other thing.
Marwa | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
It makes your immune system strong just too fast as it comes in liquid form. Just as it comes into contact with the affected area it functions at the very moment and you would see relief in your symptoms.
Samantha | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
This is an hypoallergenic skin cream suitable for all skin types and can best handle complaints such as eczema, dryness, itchy skin. It can be used as a lubricant as it moisturises the affected area in no time.
Morris | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
If you are looking for making your immune system much more stronger, then this is for you. You will see incremental rise in your health with nothing seems to affect you. It is only possible through it.
Olivia | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
I would say that it is the best hypoallergic cream I ever came across with. It start functioning the moment it's been placed over the affected area and get your inflammation and burning sensation away from you for a longer period. It basically work as a potent moisturizer and sooth the affected area in much less time as compared to other produces.
Michelle | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
I used to hate my skin all my life because it was too sensitive to anything I applied on it, but now I got something that's treating my skin very well. Thanks at ton.
Charly | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
I had minor eczema and I was worry that if it increase now I am not worried because I am free of eczema after using chickweed.
Carmen | 11/30/-0001 25 reviews
My skin has started getting dry in last winter and I thought it is because of cold weather but when it turned to eczema then it made me tensed alot. But Chickweed Cream helped in every manner and made my skin smoother.

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