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Bee Propolis by Vitabase

Bee Propolis by Vitabase
Bee Propolis by Vitabase
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Bee Propolis by Vitabase

Quantity: 100 Capsules Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules of Bee Propolis 1-3 times daily. Serving Size: 2 Capsules Caution: KEEP BEE PROPOLIS OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT USE IF OUTER SEAL IS DAMAGED OR MISSING. * Natural antibiotic. * Helps boost immune system function. * Contains all vitamins except Vitamin K. * Loaded with flavonoids (powerful antioxidants). * Shown to be effective against bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. Bee Propolis – Loaded with Nutrients for Immune Support In addition to honey, bees also produce two products which have been used in alternative medicine for centuries, bee pollen and propolis. Propolis is less well-knono than pollen but offers important potential health benefits. Bee propolis is a combination of resin collected from tree bark and leaves and pollen, wax, and nectar. The resulting sticky substance is used in the hive to seal it and caulk holes and cracks. It can also be found at the entrance where it helps remove micro-organisms from the bee’s body as it enters the hive helping protect the colony from potentially debilitating invasions. Propolis’ medicinal properties have been knownnoor over 2,000 years. Hippocrates used it to treat wounds. There are reports that the Russian army used it to treat wounds on the battlefield during World War II. Today many people prize Bee Propolis as a powerful, natural antibiotic. While it will not replace prescription antibiotics, it can help provide an added boost for the immune system and stimulate the formation of antibodies. All Vitamins plus Antioxidants Bee Propolis is packed with nutrients. It contains all the vitamins except for Vitamin K. It also contains bioflavonoids, calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. In all, scientists have identified more than 180 compounds in propolis. Propolis has been found to be active against bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms. The flavonoids in propolis are powerful antioxidants. They help account, in part, for propolis’ antibiotic and antiviral properties. Antioxidants help eliminate damaging free radicals from the body. Bee Propolis is also believed to have some anti-inflammatory properties. Supplemental Facts for Bee Propolis Serving Size: 2 Capsule(s) Ingredients Per Serving % DV Bee Propolis Concentrate (2:1) (Equivalent to 2000 mg raw Propolis) 1 g * * Daily Value Not Established Notes: Natural color variations may occur in this product. Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Silica and Magnesium Stearate Bee Propolis Contains No Added: yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, soy, preservatives QUALITY AND POTENCY GUARANTEED FOR BEE PROPOLIS
Todd | 01/11/2012 16 reviews
Unlike any other tab for immune system, this taste good. It just dissolve in mouth and then relieve me from the feeling of worn-out. One thing which sets it apart from others is that the constituents are really effective as they are known for their antioxidant properties and also it takes care of fulfilling the demand for all the vital nutrients and vitamins that body require to function properly. I am using it from a while now and am very happy with the results it brought to me.
david | 01/10/2012 16 reviews
I was doing great in terms of my health and activeness but from the past few weeks, all of a sudden I feel as if things are not going the way they should and then I found that my immune system just started weakening. I got through all the tests required for the reason but no fixed thing came out. I have tried several things. Then I got to know about this miraculous thing which claimed to boost the immune system. I decided to try it once. And now I think that was in fact a wise decision. I am full of energy since my immune system is now again the same as it was sometime back. There is surely a big yes from my side for its use to everybody.
Anita | 01/06/2012 16 reviews
A magnificent product prepared by real bees while preparing honey. It builds up a strong immune system and then not any flu can touch the body. Thanks to Bees and to Smarthealth Shop.
christina | 11/22/2011 16 reviews
Immune system is good.
Jean | 09/17/2011 16 reviews
One of my friends recommended me to buy this and see the effects..though he is my trusted friend but still I asked my physician and got his confirmation on the call. IT IS GOOD OFCOURSE.
Tom | 09/13/2011 16 reviews
Saw things working my way and style. Not an ordinary but extraordinary health supplement which helps me in boosting and balancing immune system.
Stuart | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
This is a good and stimulating anti-oxidant formula and it really help the skin rejenuvating.
Chelsea | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
I still have a feeling of nausea and worn-out. It has not made me feel active so far.
Amitola | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
I am not saying that it is not effective. I think it hadn't worked on me the way I thought. I still feel worn out and there is no active energy left in me.
Vincent | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
This has a great booster for strengthening immune system. I am just relieved off with my symptoms of weakening immune system.
Martin | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
This is a great immune system booster. I have been quite distressed as my immune system started weakening at a faster rate and I was not able to manage it somehow. I tried different things and even done changes within my lifestyle patterns, still the things were same. Bee Propolis tried its best to change my situations and I would say it did reasonably well. No more things affecting me now and I have found my immune system acting in a normal fashion it was before. There is no regret while using it.
Keely | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It rejuvenates the entire skin through its breathtaking anti-oxidation properties and well balanced formula.
Lucy | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It is rich in with such an effective nutrients that your entire immune system will get instant relief with increase in energy levels. Not only this, other good thing about it is that it comes in liquid form so the moment it touches the affected area it start its work at the very moment to the core.
Sofia | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It is meant to provide instant relief to one's immune system that nothing would affect way too negatively at any given time. I have seen it myself.
Gweneth | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
If you are facing problems with your immune system and are loosing your vital strengths towards taking on common ailments, than this is for you. It will re-program your entire immune system and make your more stronger and healthier than before. So there won't be any immune system disorders for the much larger part of your life.
Linda | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
Am so happy with Bee Propolis now no more immune system problems. I feel so healthy all the time.

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