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Candida Clear by Vitabase

Candida Clear by Vitabase
Candida Clear by Vitabase
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Candida Clear by Vitabase

Quantity: 90 Vegetarian Capsules Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 Vcaps twice daily, preferably with meals. Serving Size: 2 Vegetarian Capsules Caution: As with all dietary supplements, do not take this product if you are pregnant or breast-feeding without prior medical consultation. Please keep out of reach of children. * Complete Candida Clear formula containing herbs that fight candida. * Caprylic acid exhibits high fungicidal activity against candida. * Pau d’Arco kills candida yeast by increasing oxygen to cells. * Oreganonoil shown in repeated studies to kill candida. * Biotin inhibits change of candida into a fungal infection. * Candida infections can affect virtually every body system. Candida Clear - Support Against Yeast Infection Candida albicans is one of the many species of bacteria normally found in a healthy colon. While the fungus is usually benign, certain conditions can lead to an overgrowth and numerous health problems can result. Increased stress, lowered immune function, overuse of antibiotics, and oral contraception can all pave the way for a Candida or yeast infection. When this happens virtually every system is affected. Symptoms may include intestinal upset, thrush (white patches in the mouth), jock itch, or vaginal infections. Candida Clear by Vitabase can help restore a normal balance to the intestinal system with a combination of four natural ingredients shown to counteract yeast (Candida) infections. Ingredients Work Together to Reduce Candida Caprylic Acid is a naturally occurring fatty acid. It is readily absorbed in the intestine and exhibits high fungicidal activity against candida yeast, especially candida. The exact mechanism by which it works is not fully known but researchers believe it dissolves the cell membrane of yeast. Pau d’Arco is a popular supplement derived from the inner bark of this Amazon tree. Pau d’Arco has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. It helps destroy candida fungi by increasing the oxygen supply to cells. Black Walnut is a familiar tree in the Eastern United States. While many enjoy the nut, beneficial compounds may be found in the hull and leaf. According to one study black walnut destroyed Candida better than a commonly prescribed antifungal drug. Oregano Ono, also included in the formulation, has been shown in repeated studies to kill Candida. Supplemental Facts for Candida Clear Serving Size: 2 Veggie Cap(s) Ingredients Per Serving % DV Calories 10 * Calories from Fat 5 * Total Fat 0.5 g
Randall | 01/20/2012 36 reviews
I chose this based on the positive reviews of others and am pleased to say that few Products have had such an immediate, positive effect as this one. I noticed an immediate improvement in energy and well-being.
Gweneth | 01/20/2012 36 reviews
One of the best candidis albacanis fighter. One can see it work over a course of days by seeing chappiness disappearing.
Jacob | 01/18/2012 36 reviews
I am very particular about my diet. Everything was going well with my arrangements except for one thing that I have had the problem of intestinal infection in the past somehow even after taking due care. Visiting my physician given me a clear picture as to why this occured. The protein intake got less than the required levels somehow with my diet. Due to certain moderations in my diet and using Candida Clear, now I am again back to my natural and normal level. Thanks a lot.
Pascal | 01/17/2012 36 reviews
I was diagnosed with intestinal infection since I used to take lot of products made up of yeast and other related ingredients. On one of my friends suggestion I tried this initially with suspicion as nothing worked but it showed results in 2 weeks time. Not only did I got my infection cleared but also regained my lost strength than ever before.
Ryan | 01/14/2012 36 reviews
Candida Clear has converted my grimful situation to a real good experience now. Due to its protein content and no preservatives, my body responded well and fast to it and now I am enjoying my life to the fullest. This is a real good product and is also light on pocket.
David | 01/14/2012 36 reviews
Due to some problem my body developed infection and that increased overtime giving me a real discomfort. One of my friends recommended me this supplement. Initially it was just a product for me unlike any other but now I have a different view altogether. Through its usage, my infection has subsided to 90% resulting in positive lifestyle with not much of the problems.
Jenna | 01/11/2012 36 reviews
I was diagnosed of a fungal infection which has been converted from candida. This has impacted the way I use to think as it tampered my confidence level. After trying so many things I was not getting the desired result. On my visit to my physician and per his recommendation, I tried Candida Clear supplement, which not only converted my awful situation but also stopped the effect of candida virus. After its usage for few weeks, I was diagnosed all clear from my previous grim situation and things are now going real fine.
rj924 | 01/10/2012 36 reviews
I was facing problems with my intestinal infection in a way that I literally tried everything to again regain my strength but nothing worked. One of my friends told me about this product. I was sure that this will also not work but still gave it a try. Now, I am really getting on my life like before with no problems as I have been cleared off with intestinal infection to 85%. Furthermore, I haven't faced any side effects which can happen from any dietary supplement.
Sylvie | 01/06/2012 36 reviews
This is the Best Anti Yeast & Anti Fungals I have ever seen. I will tell all my colleagues that how to get relief from fungus as we all are Volley Ball players and very frequently fungi affect our feet. Undoubtedly, Candida Clear is Peerless.
pma2030 | 12/26/2011 36 reviews
I am on it because my physician recommended it. After this, life is seeming good and relief from disease.
Linda | 08/04/2011 36 reviews
This is an excellent product that can start the cleaning process. For candida I take two capsules three times a day it fights cold and infection. This product is very potent. Good stuff.
Franscisca | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I have got intestinal infection due to certain allergy from one of the etables which developed quite fast. This not only eradicated my problem up to a great extent but has also made me strong from inside to fight this more than ever before.
Michelle | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I am very particular about my diet and the way how I take it. Still after all these attentiveness, I developed infectioned within my intestines. I suffered a lot through this but Candida Clear comes as a star rescuer. Now things are again as they were in the past and I am relieved to a major extent.
Merilyn | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
The best thing about this is that it is natural and it acts quite diligently and stringently on the core of the problem. I am now fully recovered through its use.
Suzy | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
It acted fast to clear up all my infection and now here I am, much rejuvenated and confident with fresh lease of life.
Vince | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
It had helped a lot clearing up my infection from all over my body.
Barry | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I have been diagnosed with candida virus in my intestines and after using end number of medication, there was no relief. Candida clear came as a rescue. Now I am totally recovered and also there is no sign of infection coming back.
Delsin | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
It worked initially but now the symptoms seem to come back again. I am trying it again and is working satisfactorily, but am looking at something which can stop this forever and could act without fail.
Toni | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
My body is now completely free from this dreaded candida virus. There are no signs of yeast infection found.
Broody | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I am not affected of candida virus symptoms anymore as there are no traces found while my visit to my physician.
Samuel | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
Still to see how it works on yeast infections. I am very new with it.
Bruce | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
Now my immune system is totally renewed as candida virus no more exists. I have got a new lease of life which is away from the suffering I went through.
Gwen | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
This has literally turnaround my grimful situation to a real pleasure now. My intestinal infection has subsided 80% and the remaining is also moving off fast.
Mark | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
There seem to have an incremental change with my symptoms of fungal infection.
Eugene | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
No more fungal infections, literally.
Samantha | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I am okay with its performance and the time taken.
Veronica | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
Unknowingly, I suffer through this virus with intense intestinal cramps. My physician told me that the infection has exaggerated further and become more powerful. Candida Clear has given me a bit of the relief initially but later it worked too well in less time.
Jenny | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
Through its use I am away and rather much more away from Candida virus and the suffering that took place due to this.
Alice | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I don't see myself getting affected through this virus on a far greater extent. Thanks to this produce.
Adolf | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
This virus has infected my intestines in a way that I tried everything literally but to no avail. I came across this produce through the recommendation of one of my relatives and I am happy to say that it clicked. It has worked in a way that now I see my symptoms for Candida virus have started disappearing from its core.
Philip | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
One of the most workable candids albacanis virus fighter to the very core. One can see its intensive working over a course of time by seeing chappiness disappearing with no re-occurance.
Petricia | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
I am disappointed to have it as it has not worked the way it was expected to. I am not relieved with my symptoms of candida virus and things are getting out of control now.
Percy | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
Nothing can and will treat candida virus as it does. I am happy to see results myself and would certainly have some more in a short time from now.
Olga | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
There is no re-ocurrance of the event from a long time now. Thanks to this product.
Michael | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
As I have increased upon taking lot of products made up of yeast and other such material, I developed intestinal infection that errupted due to candida virus. I came across lot of suffering due to this. Trying several things haven't given me relief the kind this produce has given me. I am free with the symptoms and further there is no recurring episodes of the same.
Adonay | 11/30/-0001 36 reviews
It will only effect greatly if taken empty stomach as it has ingredients that starts functioning as and when they get in touch with the intestines to remove the virus.

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