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Cellfood by Lumina

Cellfood by Lumina
Cellfood by Lumina
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Cellfood by Lumina

Quantity: 1 Bottle Suggested Use: Mix 8 drops in 8 oz of purified water or juice, taken 3 times per day - or mix 1 day's amount in bottle, and drink as desired during the day. Take with or without meals. If mild detoxification symptoms result, reduce dosage temporarily. No refrigeration required. Serving Size: 8 Drops Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact; rinse well if dropped in eyes. If pregnant, nursing or under medical care, consult your health professional. * Includes dissolved oxygen and vital electrolytes, plus 72 ionic trace minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids. * Boosts metabolism and helps nutrient absorption. * Builds energy levels with repeated use. * 95% of the nutrients are absorbed at a cellular level. * Promotes more efficient bodily functions. * Provides oxygen to the body at the cellular level. History and Usage: Cellfood is a specially formulated nutritional delivery system which enables more than 95% of its nutrients to be absorbed and used at the cellular level – far more than the 15-25% absorption rates typical for tablets or gel caps. This enhanced nutrient availability fosters more efficient bodily functions, giving you the maximum benefit from its 17 aminonocids, 34 enzymes, 78 major and trace elements, deuterons and electrolytes. Plus, Cellfood is designed to directly provide the body with oxygen at the cellular level. It creates negatively charged oxygen molecules which attract free-radical oxygen molecules in the body to create the pure O2 your cells need. Cellfood increases cell respiration, enhances nutrient absorption and can boost energy levels over time. Supplemental Facts Serving Size: 8 Drop(s) Ingredients Per Serving % DV Cellfood® Proprietary Blend (Purified Water, Dissolved Oxygen, Seawater Extract, Plant Source AminnoAcid Blend, Plant Source Enzyme Blend) 326 mg * * Daily Value Not Established Notes: Cellfood: a proprietary formulation of a super energized mineral concentrate. It naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping to support overall improved energy, endurance and natural health. Note: Pour with care. Before Cellfood is mixed with water or juice, its beneficial organic enzymes can compromise counter tops, clothing, and other surfaces. Store bottle on tray. QUALITY AND POTENCY GUARANTEED
Jack Brown | 12/25/2011 11 reviews
Energy level is mind blowing. I keep on moving with new heights in my life.
Michael | 12/21/2011 11 reviews
Blast in energy...way beyond expectations. driving long way with it.
oma | 12/16/2011 11 reviews
just metabolism control >>>^^^^
botto | 12/08/2011 11 reviews
The energy is power. I get it all day long. This has started happening in recent weeks.
Greg | 11/29/2011 11 reviews
Metabolism rate can go high and high. feel pride to have extra energy that can be used anywhere extensively to make things good.
ronald | 11/27/2011 11 reviews
I am good in energy level and carry well being feeling. I am also carrying on with exercise regime to keep myself fit and healthy.
Mike | 11/16/2011 11 reviews
When your body is strong, your metabolism rate is high and you feel good on energy level I mean you do things fast and accurate and with better focus. All these things are provided by Cellfood.
RENO | 10/28/2011 11 reviews
Mike | 10/05/2011 11 reviews
Carrying very well with energy level and stamina. Cellfood is great build up of healthy nutrients to boost metabolism rate of one using it.
Greg | 09/09/2011 11 reviews
I was not much aware of the benefits but carried along with recommendation from my father. Seeing affects for now. Great outcomes and fresh feeling.
yong | 07/29/2011 11 reviews
It made my skin look younger and smooth I can notice the difference in my skin after using this product. I love it this stuff works like a miracle.

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