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Achieve Pleasure Gel

Achieve Pleasure Gel
Achieve Pleasure Gel
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Achieve Pleasure Gel

Quantity: 1/2 fluid ounce Pleasure Gel is a natural, herbal gel activated by your own touch. Sometimes called "the women's Viagra," this product has even been described by one woman as "instant turn-on gel"! It's true -- apply it to her most intimate parts before or during lovemaking, and prepare for unbelievably intense excitement and climaxes beyond all previous boundaries. Bhelliom Enterprises Achieve For Women is a very effective and potent topical product. It contains the ingredients: L-argine, niacin, and glyceryl polymethacrylate. Directions: 1. Dispense a small amount onto your fingertip. 2. Apply gel to the clitoral area with a gentle massaging motion and around the labia. Be sure To work gel onto the underside of the clitoris to achieve maximum results. 3. Reapply as needed.
Diana | 01/05/2012 28 reviews
this is gift to those who are looking to add oomph in sex life. worthwhile in this price.
Mona | 01/01/2012 28 reviews
It was the night of my 1st wedding anniversary. My sweet hubby presented me this pleasurable gel. The moments we had after the application of gel was really fascinating. Both of us feel out of the world while having intercourse with each other. Lovely...
keith | 12/30/2011 28 reviews
I was lil jitter to see my hubby applying this gel and excited as well to have pleasurable experience. I must say, the climax was unbelievable!
rebecca mac | 12/16/2011 28 reviews
some exciting things started happening since I am using this. So grateful to your company and people for their help and support.
pam | 12/16/2011 28 reviews
Another achievement in sense of practicing the new formulas and games in the bed.
pabby | 11/22/2011 28 reviews
I am taking the extreme benefits of it to impress my honey. My honey loves me more than anything and can get me anything in this world. We are living a happy life.
Curty | 11/19/2011 28 reviews
is it a women viagra, people and you say but I don't believe.
christine | 11/12/2011 28 reviews
As the name suggests, I am achieving the desired pleasure.
LILIANA | 10/27/2011 28 reviews
I would say, "Achieving Vigorously". The results are very good infact excellent.
sarah | 10/23/2011 28 reviews
Sensational one - the effects and moments are wonderful. No measurements and unlimited pleasure.
Lucy | 10/18/2011 28 reviews
I was not able to do what I desired to. It seemed very dull and boring.
laura | 10/10/2011 28 reviews
I am sorry I didn't see much reactions and improvement in what I was looking for. May be not the right product me. Please provide me with the refunds.
susie stein | 09/28/2011 28 reviews
Breathtaking formula - it will keep me and my honey happy.
Sarah | 09/26/2011 28 reviews
Not at all would believe in these kinds of products as I know they work nothing and you end up wasting your money for no use. Decision to try Pleasure Gel was right. I think I have taken the right decision and this was my last decision.
Martha | 09/16/2011 28 reviews
Felt so good and charged, the moment I have applied this gel and the pleasure we had in bed that was amazing. It actually works great. I will ever and ever use it.
Leena | 09/10/2011 28 reviews
Had been in regular practice of taking pills and applying sprays, nothing went fine with me.
Rudy Boland | 09/08/2011 28 reviews
I apply this little daily with my own hands. It really does activate and put in good mood with better experiences in the bed.
lindsey | 09/08/2011 28 reviews
Did not see much results. Activated well in first touch but then the same as earlier.
Nidaa | 06/28/2011 28 reviews
I was looking for this pleasure gel to really do what it claimed. Well its ok not great but ok. It has fulfilled all my dreams.
sammie_girl_360 | 06/21/2011 28 reviews
Quickly massages in and feels really good; good gel!
Erica L | 06/16/2011 28 reviews
helps me lubricate when its difficult to get in the mood.
Chloe | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
It is an all safe herbal and natural gel that will instantly turn you on as it gets activated by your own touch. Apply it to your most intimate parts before or during lovemaking and be prepared for an ultimate intense excitement and climaxes for sure.
Neera | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
It will let you experience the maximum level of pleasure, just with the very touch of it. Just apply it to your intimate parts before love making and you would certainly see the wide difference with your pleasure levels.
Alina | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
Just apply it to your intimate parts before love making exercise and you will see the difference yourself. It will enhance your capacity and capability to experience real pleasure, in whose absense, you would try to be away from such important part of your life. It will increase your pleasure by sensitising your areas that are in direct contact during this activity and you would be able to have a long lasting orgasm and feel more stronger arousals within you.
Tracie | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
After seeing so many good reviews over here I purchased this Achieve Pleasure Gel and it is giving me the heavenly pleasure to me and my partner..
John | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
I love this product because after consuming it my lady enjoys alot and gives me the maximum pleasure in bed.
Rita | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
After reading the directions to use I have applied it near my clitoris just few minutes before having sex with my boyfriend. Oh! that was an unimaginable moments, for the first time I could reached to my orgasm.
Shelly | 11/30/-0001 28 reviews
It was my menstrual days were going on when my husband has gone for his monthly tour to Florida and at the time of leaving home we did't have Sex for last 10 days. So, when he came after 1 month I was so excited to get intimate with him. I searched for this kind of product for extra pleasure and found this Magical Gel. It really did wonders with me and my love hubby.

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