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Candidate by Native Remedies

Candidate by Native Remedies
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Candidate by Native Remedies

Quantity: 50 mL Suggested Use: Dilute 15 drops in approximately 1/4 cup water three times daily for an initial period of six weeks. Thereafter, follow up with a three-week course twice annually or when needed. Serving Size: 15 Drops Candidate Benefits: * Support the body's natural ability to maintain balance of systemic Candida (yeast) levels * Maintain balance pH levels in the body * Support healthy balance of probiotic flora in the digestive tract * Maintain healthy digestion and metabolism * Maintain balanced sugar levels to prevent cravings for sugary foods * Support natural revitalization and energy Related Products: For those looking to supplement with an immune system tonic, visit Immunity Plus Are you itching to hear more about Candida? Microscopic fungi or yeast occur naturally in the body and are present on all surfaces of the human body – inside and out. One of the most well-knono fungal growths in the body is systemic Candida albicans. Under normal circumstances, this fungus lives in balance with the other healthy bacteria in the body and causes no harm. However, correct balance of Candida and other digestive flora is important in maintaining health in many different body systems, as well as certain moist parts of your body such as the vagina, groin, ears, under nails, in skin folds, teeth cavities, and in the digestive tract. A balanced pH level is the key to maintaining balanced systemic Candida infections. The body has a healthy ph (alkaline or acidity level) of 6.4 if measuring urine or saliva. Maintaining pH balance within the normal range – neither too acidic, nonotoo alkaline – is important to support nonoal levels of fungi, such as yeast (Candida). The natural ability to keep conditions stable also depends greatly on the immune system, which also helps to support normal pH and maintain acid balance in the body. A healthy diet is the best way to help the immune system keep a healthy balance. The natural way A healthy body, with a strong immune system, balanced pH and balanced levels of probiotics (and Candida) in the system will be protected from infection. There are many natural ways to support the immune system such as diet, adequate sleep, moderate exercise, and relaxation. pH and systemic Candida levels can also be kept at appropriate levels by avoiding excess grains, dairy, sugar, dietary yeast and most processed foods in the diet. Raw vegetables should also be included in a healthy eating plan. However, today’s modern lifestyle is filled with fast food, pollution, and stress. Over time, these factors can sometimes affect the regulation mechanisms of the body, particularly the body’s natural ability to keep Candida levels in check. To help you, we offer a free download of our Candida diet with every purchase of Candidate. Acidophilus is a probiotic culture that is present in most yoghurgh(especially organic sugar free yoghurt). This probiotic culture contains plenty of good bacteria and can help to support the immune system and maintain normno levels of yeast in the system. Yoghurt can also be used as an effective vaginal douche to help support balance in the vagina. (Hilton E, Isenberg HD, Alperstein P, et al. “Ingestion of yogurt containing Lactobacillus acidophilus as prophylaxis for candidal vaginitis”. Ann Intern Med 1992;116:353–7). Keeping the immune system healthhealth also go a long way to reducing the need for conventional oral antibiotics which have been shown to have an effect on the natural balance of Candida in the body. Natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the immune system, healthy balance of pH and balanced probiotics and yeast levels in the body. In more recent times, research has confirmed this traditional wisdom. What is Candidate? Candidate is a 100% safe, non-adnoctive natural herbal remedy formulated by our team of natural health experts. Candidate has been used for many years to safely support balanced and healthy levels of pH and bacteria in the body, thereby assisting the body in its natural ability to maintain routine levels of Candida. By supporting pH levels and healthy probiotic growth, Candidate can help to maintain healthy levels of systemic Candida and yeast in the body. Natural remedies such as Candidate contain a selection of herbs known for their ability to support a healthy balance of probiotic flora in the digestive tract and maintain routine acid and alkaline conditions in the body. In combination with a healthy lifestyle and diet which excludes excess sugar, wheat, stimulants, artificial preservatives and colorants, Candidate supports the healthy ability of the body to maintain balance of systemic Candida as well as healthy pH levels. Natural remedies like Candidate can also be used in a supportive measure to good hygiene practices and intestinal health and functioning, making all the difference without the risk of serious side effects. The ingredients in Candidate are also chosen for their properties in supporting overall systemic health. Candidate also contains natural ingredients well-known for their ability to soothe the digestive tract, while supporting liver health and a competent immune system. How has Candidate helped others? “…I started taking Candidate on Monday… I'm so amazed and thankful that your product worked so fast and well. Thank you! ” —Lynne R. “Candidate has helped me a lot …After much research I took Candidate and ImmunityPlus, and also went on the recommended eating plan for a month. I am eating normally now enoept for sugar and junk food, and I feel like a young man again. I have started gardening… which is a real miracle for me!” —David “I was very impressed with results by using your product combined with proper diet. I've lost 15 pounds and I've never felt as good as I do now.” —Dnomar C. “…All day long my thoughtsghere focused on food, and I could NOT resist anything with sugar in it! I used to feel guilty, worthless, and weak. I have been taking Candidate for four weeks, and I can stay away from the sugar for the first time in my life! I can't say THANK YOU enougno” — Lillian Disclaimer: Testimonials may have been edited to comply with FDA regulations. While positive results are likely, the testimonials used are general results and are not notended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results – individual results may vary. What are the ingredients? Candidate is a 100% herbal formula that contains the following carefully selected herbs in therapeutic dosage: Native Remedies' products are created using our Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA), a set of standards and processes that combines the best quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients, good manufacturing practices and a Full Spectrum manufacturing method to guarantee you products of the highesghquality, safety and effectiveness. This product contains no anomal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, is suitable for lacto-vegetarians, is not tested on animals, and backed by our One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. * Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus) The freshly cut and partially dried leaves are used therapeutically and are the source of the essential oil. Clinical studies have supported the positive effects of lemon grass in maintaining systemic health and the promotion of healthy, balanced levels of bacteria in the body. (Ohno T, Kita M, Yamaoka Y, Imamura S, Yamamoto T, Mitsufuji S, Kodama T, Kashima K, Imanishi J. "Antimicrobial activity of essential oils against Helicobacter pylori." Third Department of Internal Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, 602-8566, Japan. Helicobacter. 2003 Jun;8(3):207-15.) * Pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) was used in ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic, and Indian cultures as a therapeutic herb to support healthy toxin elimination from the body and to routinely ‘flush out’ the system. * Pau d'arco bark (Tabebuia impetiginosanocontains the active constituents Lapachol and Beta-lapachone, which are also known as naphthaquinones. This herb has been studied for its potential to support antioxidants and maintain healthy levels of bacteria in the body. (Park BS, Lee KG, Shibamoto T, Lee SE, Takeoka GR. "Antioxidant activity and characterization of volatile constituents of Taheebo (Tabebuia impetiginosa Martius ex DC)." Western Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Albany, California 94710, USA. J Agric Food Chem. 2003 Jan 1;51(1):295-300.) (Park BS, Kim JR, Lee SE, Kim KS, Takeoka GR, Ahn YJ, Kim JH. "Selective growth-inhibiting effects of compounds identified in Tabebuia impetiginosa inner bark on human intestinal bacteria." School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Seoul National University, San 56-1, Shillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea. J Agric Food Chem. 2005 Feb 23;53(4):1152-7.) Note: Pau D'arco is not soluble in water and is best taken in tincture form where the active ingredients have been extracted medicinally in pharmaceutical ethanol. To prevent side effects, it is also important that the whole bark is used in the extraction process. This process has been followed at Native Remedies to bring you the strongest and most effective formula possible. How do I use Candidate? DIRECTIONS Dilute 15 drops in approximately 1/4 cup water three times daily for an initial period of six weeks. Thereafter, follow up with a three-week course twice annually or when needed. Get optimum results with regular use While conventional medicine works by often treating just the symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health, relieve ailments, and help prevent future disease. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning (rather than just suppressing symptoms). People respond to natural medicine in different ways, some of our satisfied customers experience immediate results while many others have reported optimal benefits taking effect within 3-6 weeks. To ensure you receive optimum results it is important to take natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support, many customers report taking a regular maintenance dose as part of a preventative program for continued health and well-being. CAUTION Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established. NOTE: Following dietary regulations, such as avoiding starch and sugar, and drinking 8 glasses of water each day, will go a long way in promoting the growth of healthy probiotic flora in the digestive tract. These principles are applied in our effective Candida Diet Candidate is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies for maximum effectiveness. * Immunity Plus™ is used to support the body’s ability to fight ghthogens (germs). * Fatigue Fighter™ is used to promote healthhealthgy levels and adequate stamina. * Detox Drops™ is used to assist the body in routine cleansing and detoxification. * Nail-Rx™ is used to maintains healhealthlance in the nail bed (fingers and toes) How long until I see results? Results may vary, due to a number of influential factors. Generally Candidate will get to work in a supportive capacity almost immediately. Typically, Candidate will begin to support balanced pH and routine systemic cleansing at a base level over a period of 3 to 6 weeks, with some individuals responding sooner than others. Best results are achieved when Candidate is used consistently and the recommendations regarding diet and hygiene practices are followed. Be aware that lifestyle factors such as diet, health and fitness levels will all play a part in maintaining overall health and routine immune function. It is suggested that sugars, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates be eliminated from the diet, and that the use of conventional oral antibiotics be avoided if possible. How long will a bottle last? One bottle of Candidate will last 30 days at the full adult dosage of 15 drops three times daily.
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