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Dancing Paws, Breath-A-Licious - 10 Units 0.75 oz

Dancing Paws, Breath-A-Licious - 10 Units 0.75 oz
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Dancing Paws, Breath-A-Licious - 10 Units 0.75 oz

Quantity: 0.75 Oz Suggested Use: Feed 1 Unit to dog for a fresh breath and aided digestion. Serving Size: 1 Unit Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Production Description: Dancing Paws® Breath-A-LiciousT bones contain sodium tripolyphosphate to help remove tartar build up: chlorophyll, peppermint, parsley, dill and fennel to help freshen breath. Not only do these herbs help freshen breath but they also aid in digestion, alleviate gas and soothe upset stomachs. Supplemental Facts Serving Size: 1 Unit Ingredients: Wheat gluten, glycerine, rice flour, sweet rice flour, deionized water, chicken meal, gelatine, lecithin, sodium diacetate, fennel seed, dill seed powder, sodium tripolyphosphate, chlorophyll, peppermint oil, parsley herb oil. QUALITY AND POTENCY GUARANTEED.
Alan | 12/30/2011 20 reviews
I don't know but he my kitty was feeling lazy and unhealthy for quite a while. Doctors were also not able to identify the problem. One day I got you on smart health store. I appreciate the quality and my feedback is always positive.
Sarah Ray | 10/23/2011 20 reviews
Used it for a while and left afterwards as no results found
Carol | 09/21/2011 20 reviews
Easy to eat bones for my healthy dog. I am happy with the results.
Libby23 | 09/10/2011 20 reviews
I saw my neighbor's dog getting healthy and fine so went for Dancing Paws in the right moment. Never wanted to miss this great chance, ordered it on your online shop. fast delivery, wonderful customer service and great product to use.
Bianca | 09/02/2011 20 reviews
A perfect formula for my pet - FOR FRESH BREATH AND GOOD DIGESTION.
Brenda | 08/29/2011 20 reviews
I really love my pet and could get him anything in this world. Dancing Paws is one of the world class products I was looking for. I got it with reference from my friend. Thanks to him.
Sandra | 08/28/2011 20 reviews
Does it really works for dogs as I have not seen any difference.
Mike | 08/28/2011 20 reviews
Being healthy is leading to intelligence, that's what my pet is now. He is doing smart enough these days and would happy to play more and more games.
Jen & Michelle | 08/25/2011 20 reviews
Our sweet little pet is healthy and looks fresh all the time. People would love to carry him. He is getting lot of compliments from our kitty members.
Peter M | 08/24/2011 20 reviews
My doggy is one of the best and favorites in my locality. All happens with Dancing Paws. I think I should get more of these.
Chris | 08/19/2011 20 reviews
Dogs can not tell their problems but just can show it by getting angry or crazy sometimes the way my dog used to then I found Dancing Paws and now he is so fit all the time and dance happily with no digestion problems and no more bad breaths.
Stephanie | 08/09/2011 20 reviews
After using this great product my dog Snoopy can always take a feel of fresh breath. Besides this his digestive system has become perfect. Never gets irritate. I am so happy with Dancing paws.
Andrew | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
This is very effective in freshening up the breath of your loved animals. It removes tartar away and keep their mouth fresh all day long. Not only does it help freshening up the bad breath but it do aid in digestion and soothe upset stomach.
Naomi | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
It works in two ways. Not only it is way far effective in freshening up the breath of your pet than other products, but also will help keeping tartar away from your pet's teeth. Through it you would be able to spend more and more time with your best companion.
Angela | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
I have seen that it can freshens up your pet's breathe like none other products can do. It also take care of problems like tarter and plaque and ensures that these do not affect your pet so that you can spend much time with your adorable friend.
Robbie | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
My Dog is very happy with this product of yours.
Fannie | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
Dancing paws have made my dog dancing all the time with a happy mood as he is not having anymore digestion problem.
Ana | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
Wow! now all the time my Frankie takes a fresh breath and it makes fine his upset stomach too.
Paul | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
Not showing much effects. So, I am waiting to see the results. May be after use of another 1 month I would be able to see positive outcomes.
Sunny | 11/30/-0001 20 reviews
I can see a positive attitude and happy mood of my Dog all the time.

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