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Breast Beauty Formula

Breast Beauty Formula
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Breast Beauty Formula

Quantity: 4 oz. Tub Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon BREAST BEAUTY by 4 Organics has been successful in increasing bust size in some women by enlarging blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Its combination of tocopherols and hydroxyethylcellulose, unique chinese herbs, honey, propyls and vitamins is highly effective in bringing about varying moderate growth in size and varying significant increase in firmness. This product is meant to offer as efficacious a method of enhancing the breasts in a healthy and safe manner without resorting to more drastic and problematic approaches. It also moisturizes and improves skin tone, but it is particularly effective at firming and toning muscle beneath the skin. Use it to beautify your bust both inside and outside. You should begin to notice a firming and toning of the breasts in around 20-30 days. Try a safe natural way to enhance your bust. This cream was formulated to enhance the female bust in several areas, including size, firmness, tone and feel. By enlarging blood vessels and significantly increasing blood flow, it causes moderate growth in size and significant increase in firmness, as well as moisturizing and improving skin tone. NGREDIENTS: (4 oz jar) Aloe Vera Cream Glycerine Isopropyl Myristate Safflower Oil Vegetable Oil Glyceryl Stearate Propylene Glycol Stearic Acid Stearyl Alcohol Honey Squalane Acorus Calamus Demethicone MethylSulfonylmethane HydroxyEthylCellulose Di Alpha Tocopherol Puoria Morifica Damiana Extract Sabal Fruit Extract Dong Quia Extract Black Cohosh Extract Potassium Sorbate Methylparaben Propylparaben Fragrance USAGE: Massage a half teaspoonful of cream on the breasts twice per day using slightly firm circular motions. Let product absorb for a few minutes before dressing. You will feel a warming sensation as the product begins to work. You should begin to notice a firming of the breasts in 20-30 days. Safe for continuous use. Try a safe natural way to enhance your bust.
Susie | 10/03/2011 2 reviews
Every girl loves to have toned and good-looking body. This is purely depends upon your breast size as these are the biggest asset of any girl. To make it to the perfect size, I use Beauty Breast Cream.
Gene | 06/28/2011 2 reviews
I Have a small, underdeveloped, or sagging breasts. I have tried Breast Actives and noticed a very little change. After using Breast Beauty Formula along with Breast activities the size of the breasts, firmness and shape has increased now I got the desired shape and size and much satisfied with the product.

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