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Customer Reviews

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Estrogenex 90 ct
used this to combat the estrogen increase from my gear. along with nettle and clomid, estrogenex helps keep the estrogen fairy away.
Energy Pills: Jumpstart Ex
I order quenergy and and Jumpstart Extreme pills and would go wioth mhp any day; just no kcik for me at all. maybe because i drink two cups of coffee all day anyway..
07/18/2013carla Jane Faulk
Family Care Cold Wrap Elastic Bandage with Menthol
Before I buy this could someone please tell me as aboave if this is the 24 pack or 48 pack of family care cold wrap? waiting...
Trailer Hitch Adapter & Riser 1 1/4
ok so I bought the hitch adapter / riser...can somebody please tell me if the black powder coat is a finish i should keep or if i should get it re-coated? I do not want to have to get it coated again. thanks.
07/17/2013St Ja 009
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
It only took 1 pill for me to see what my friend was talking about with Xtend. He said he took it and an hour later was good to go until the next morning. I wasnt quite over the top impressed in that aspect but it was an improvement. we'll see what the rest of the bottle brings and I might be back for some more Xtend but it is a bit early to tell if I would recommend this or not.
Lava Libido Sexual Enhancer Pill For Women
I am on my first bottle of lava libido but I have yet to see any difference in my sex drive. I do appreciate you answering my emails and for incredibly fast shipment. However, I would like to have you contact me in regards to time period for lava to start working if possibl.e thank you.,
07/17/2013Courtny Jil 93
Alpha Male Plus Pills
Tokkyo Clomidex Extreme by Tokkyo Nutrition
I was using Clomidex from Tokkyo duuring my ccycle back in 2009 then you stopped carrying it. I got it from Tokkyo Nutrition since then and its a great addition to my stack. I would recopmmend Clomidex to Extreme to anyone.
07/17/2013Marcus H.
LiquidNitro: Liquid Nitro Lean Shot 12ct
are the liquidnitro lean shots coming back in stock soon? what about the energy shot? could you call me and let me know. thanks. -j
07/17/2013justine mollin
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
I tried all of the major male enhancement products from SHS: Virility, nitro, sexvoltz, alpha male, and xtend pills came out on top of them all.
07/16/2013Kyle Gregg
LG Sciences: Rezolution 90tb
This is a heck of a fat burner. Rezolution from LG Sciences is legitmate and a great overall weight loss and fat burner supp. It has been awhile since I felt a thermal effect like the once I get from Rezolution. Awesome.
Muscle Asylum Project - Creadex Creatine 168 caps
great stuff. great creatine. ive had creatine mono,creatine phos, and ethyl ester...creadex is about the best swol you are going to get for the money...i would have it no other way.
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel
sheffields is legit. no more scars after applications for about 8 weeks. definately keep a bucnh of this scar gel on hand for immediate usage. highly recommended asap.
Sweat-Less by Native Remedies
i gave my son sweat less from native remedies a couple times last week and i can tell you that it works. we thought we were going to have to go to the doctor for prescription DEODORANT and he is only 13 years old. sweat less was a much better option and now we have a bottle on hand for any time it acts up. thanks, guys.
07/16/2013bryce jenson ca
Biotest, Tribex 500 74 ct
ive had plenty of tribex in my day both during cycles and when cutting. testosterone goes up, fat goes away, muscle packs on. tribex is really the king in my book...very little replacement other than the proper gear.
07/16/2013james b.