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Customer Reviews

Energy Pills: Jumpstart Ex
Jumpstart is good. I had lots of energy and lots of excitement from taking the pills last few days and can't complain.
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
3 out of 5, not the same effect as sexvoltz or nitro xtend - bought it looking for those two and would have rather had them but this worked ok.
09/12/2013ronald dawes, il
8 Hour Energy Pills
8 hr works well for me. I started purchasing from you last year in mid July and have used a bottle every 3 months since. Thank youf ro treating me nicely and for shipping the pills out fast.
09/10/2013julie w. m
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel
Highly satisfied with Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel - highly satisfied customer. Works on scars in 3 weeks *for me* and completely healed my wounds and insecurities. Would purchase again!
09/09/2013Carol Peters, GA
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
it works and works well. one xtend sent me crazy for more action that it nearly drove my wife up the wall. i recommend xtend to my friends and they will be paying a visit to you for purchase as well.
09/05/2013harrin a
8 Hour Energy Pills
i will be purchasing 8 hr energy from you guys again. thnx for the recommendation and yes it does work and gives energy like crazy like you wouldnt believe haha
09/04/2013kyle k. 98, mi
CTD: Noxipro Watermelon 300g
Noxipro gives me a lot of energy and pump on squat day. I hate squats but I have to do them to get the size I need for figure competition. I found SHS for my Noxipro and continue to use them month after month with a problem.
09/02/2013Sarah Hudson
Sex Energy Pills
sex pills that work: sex energy. none others. at all. thank you.
09/02/2013drake, vega
Jumpstart Energy Pills
Excellent source of energy and not like the convenience store energy pills. Jumpstart is great and I've used it since 2007; so it has been a long time and I only use them on early mornings where I do need an energy pill.
Acai Berry Powder by Specialist Supplements
I have tried Acai Berry powder and its really good, helped me to reduce few inches. Before I tried Acai berry i was taking Garcinia Cambogia pills that was also good you also recieve a free diet ebook when you buy garcinia cambogia extract.That book has variety of low cal recipes which helped. But for a change I wanted to try a combination of different diet pills to see which works the best
Trailer Hitch Adapter & Riser 1 1/4
a+ riser hitch, guys, thank you so much. perfect fit and good customer service, coming back here for my hitches next time.
09/01/2013jj fracklin
Xtreme NO Nitric Oxide Booster
Xtreme No or any nitric oxide type of supp alone on its own is quite ineffective for me. Combine it with Arginine and also Creatine and Whey protein and there you have a nice little stack for bulking. Last fall I bulked and put on 20 pounds, Xtreme no was instrumental in helping my maintain a large portion of muscle mass to deliver protein the best way while not letting me get too fat. I recommend it.
08/29/2013Bruce Chastain
Spartacus Warrior by YZY Perfume Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 oz (Men)
I agree with others on the strength of the spartacus. still for the price it is hard to beat in my book.
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
Xtend pills were the ONLY enhancement pills that have ever worked for me. I have try Extenze and I have tried nitroxtend and cockstar, etc...and I hate them all. I like Xtend because it dramatically changes the course of my libido and keeps me rocking and rolling for hours on end. Xtend is awesome and awesome and awesome.
08/29/2013Andrew K.
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel is the only treatment I have ever used. I have heard of Arnica gel and other rememdies and wouldnt dare try it without my doctor recommending it. After my construction accident, I had a massive gash across my rib cage from the cut and then after the stitches I had a massive scar. Dr. Sheffield's has helped me reduce the scar from the accident most of the way and now a year later it is little more than a faint memory. This gel is remarkable really...I know the scar will never fully heal or go away, but this is one heck of a start.
08/29/2013franklin frank