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Customer Reviews

Biotest, Tribex 500 74 ct
Thanks just purchased Tribex from you guys last week and prompty received my shipment in just 5 days. great job and thanks a lot - cant wait to try out my 2 bottles of Tribex~!
8 Hour Energy Pills
that is not true...i used 8 hour energy all day for my finals in may and it was the real deal and not jittery i do not agree. 8 hour works awesome best energy pills i have ever tried.
08/08/2013Burt jilla, 21
Prolab: Creatine 300+300g
WOW; I did not think this was a serios price for 2 300gram bottles of creatine: especially from proline - that is a great price for 600 totals grams of creatine mono! Thanks SHS x100000!
08/07/2013Jase huff, NP, CA
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
Xtend worked pretty good for me. My wife thought I was getting too tired after 10 hour shifts and hours in the gym each week. I did add another rest day on Thursdays but also took Xtend for our intimacy issues. Great find and lots of energy for intimacy. Thank you.
08/07/2013Pretty Good
HGH Complex by Vitabase
hgh complex gave me a lot of strength for workouts and helped me burn fat. i cannot say i gained a lot of muscle or grew much on hgh though.
Sex Energy Pills
Lots of energy from sex energy but not lots of sex drive. 3 out of 5 stars for the energy but would go with something different for the sex drive.
08/07/2013Billiam Be
WATERgo by Specialist Supplements
Wow watergo from specialist feels similar to a diuretic such as caffeine. I lowered my sodium for two weeks and used watergo to successfully elimamate bloating and extra water in my body. A+
Muscle-Rx Pills
cant say I have a lot of good to say about muscle-rx. try it if you want to see if it works for you. not much other than a lot of energy for me. it helps with weight lifting but i didnt get much bigger on muscle-rx than just weights and whey protein alone.
Jumpstart Energy Pills
I just LOVE Jumpstart energy pills. From day one, I tried Appetite Away, Jumpstart Extreme, and the original Jumpstart Energy formula and enjoy the latter the best. Jumpstart had no jitters for me and it picked me up without throwing me down. One of the best for certain.
Appetite Away Pills
i used appetite away this spring to get ready for spring break. i felt good appetite suppression as it states but i also had to run for miles and miles to shed my extra fat - it did not do the work for me so do not go thinking this is some magic appetite weight loss forumla.
8 Hour Energy Pills
Mhy title says it all. I hagted Eight Hour energy pills and I will not take them again because of the shakes i am getting From them so far. No thank you for Eight Hour for me!
08/05/2013Hated It.
8 Hour Energy Pills
wow 8 hr. wow. tons of energy tons of jitters tons of wow. i have never tried an energy pills as potent as 8 hr energy. agsain please!
Dr. Sheffield's Scar Gel
dr sheffield's is the best! it removed the scars i had from wart removal twice now in the course of three weeks...
MAGNUM: A-Bomb 180ct
A-Bomb delivers vascularity and vein pump to my muscles for the full length of the workout...4 to 5 A-Bomb pills about an hour before and it gives you a puump like youve never seen before. I would highly recommend it.
Redefine Nutrition: Whey Max Choc 5LB
wow finaflex making some good tasting whey protein., always go with the best mixing, best quality, best tasting, and best absorption. finaflex is next to one imho