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Customer Reviews

Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
So last night I got home late, dead tired, and my lady wants you know what almost first thing when I walk in the door. I tell her to let me relax for a minute and eat something and go and pop 2 Xtend pills in the bathroom. 20 minutes later I find her and we start kissing and the rest of the evening is history. Thanks to Xtend for a great night.
07/30/2013Brett M
MAGNUM: A-Bomb 180ct
wow; a-bomb from magnum is a heck of a post-workout pump and helps me get protein to my muscles right away.
Thyroid Support by Vitabase
well i just got my second thyroid bloodwork test results back from the lab...up to 4.2 from 1.7 before after a couple months of Thyroid Support and improved diet / cardio. Thaanks for the recommedn!
07/26/2013james durban
Relora Max Stress Relief Pills
Do you have the full ingredients list for Relora Max? I have heard a few positive things from some acquaintances but I am a bit nervous to take something that is mainly a proprietary blend. Anyway, send you an email to [email protected] and hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks.
07/25/2013Jason a
Pro-Rx Labs, T-2 120ct
T-2 is potent! I have used it for 3 weeks and lost 7 pounds already! Going to keep using it and report my results.
CTD: Noxipro Watermelon 300g
PUMPS PUMPS PUMPS Noxipro is the @$$%! tastes good and is giving me some vein popping pumps for my workouts.
Fancy 5
I can get a cheaper frame at walmart.
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
worked pretty great for me. received my xtend last friday afternoon. took 2 pills around 7pm and was ready by 9pm. my wife and i have enjoyed my use of xtend and i will be purchasing more soon,.
07/24/2013worked great
8 Hour Energy Pills
Thank shs. The first thing i noticed when you contact me about 8 Hour Energy was the sincerity in helping me purchase. I am glad I went with shs as opposed to ebay for 8 Hour. I am confident in your ordering now and I would like to place another order this time for 3 bottles of 8 Hour soon. I will be back shortly - spencer
07/23/2013Spencer Grahm
Buried Treasure, Vm100 Complete (32 oz)
I have had a noticeable amount of energy increase in difference since supplementing with Vm100 Complete from Buried Treasure. I am very happy to report the differences and will continue to order. You have a satisfied customer.
07/23/2013Zoey a
Xtreme NO Nitric Oxide Booster
I;ve taken a lot of preworkouts and Nitric Oxide / Arginine products throughout the years while training. Good overall pump from Xtreme NO - but quite not to the same stimulant level as Xplode (N.O.) and Controlled Labs stuff - no beta alanine or caffeine but great pump for the buck nonetheless..
07/23/2013N.O. Xtreme
8 Hour Energy Pills
my energy shot through the roff wtih 8 Hour energy. I took 2 pills right away and had a buzzed energy right away within 20 minutes., Crazy stuff that i do not know if i woukld recommend!
07/23/2013derek d
Sex Energy Pills
i don trust sex energy since using it didnt feel much arousal or anything just a bit more energy- i would consider this more of a energy pill than for sex energy.
Health A2Z Sleep Aid 24Ct
Health A2Z Sleep Aid has the same active ingredients as Tylenol Simply Sleep but at a cheaper price. Plenty of these on hand for sleepless nights works well.
07/23/2013Jane F
Xtend Male Strength Performance Pills
Thanks SHS. Xtend made me feel more adequate the next morning I took made it hard to get out of my chair at work hhahahah! Anyway, If I take Xtend about an hour before intercourse, it tends to work great. Anything shorter than that and it takes too long. 3 out of 5.
07/23/2013Bill FRANK