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Muscle Advance Weight Gainer

Muscle Advance Weight Gainer
Muscle Advance Weight Gainer
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Muscle Advance Weight Gainer

Quantity: 48 Scoops Serving Size: 2 Scoops Muscle Advance Weight Gainer with 810 Calories, 52g Protein, 94g Carbs Per-Serving! Some body builders and sports enthusiasts try to gain weight and muscle mass by eating everything in sight in addition to heavier training. Not a good idea. It can overtax your digestive system. To gain good quality muscle and gain weight, you need to train right, eat several times a day, and pay attention to the quality of your calorie intake and mix of proteins, carbs and fats. Otherwise, unless you are one of the lucky few with a "hardgainer" metabolism, you'll simply gain too much body fat. How Much Protein Do You Need to Gain Weight? To bulk up effectively, you need to consume 1.5g of good quality protein per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 200 lbs, for example, you need to eat about 300g of protein a day. Muscle Advance Weight Gainer is designed to deliver the best quality protein for your muscle growth and health a whopping 52g per serving! We include Ion Exchanged Whey Protein Isolate, Cross-Flow Micro filtered Whey Protein Isolate, and Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrates along with Egg Albumen and Potassium Caseinate a power-packed combination to promote growth as part of your weight gain routine. Include other sources of lean protein in your diet, such as: Chicken, Turkey, 93% Lean Red Meat, Egg Whites, Tuna, Shrimp, Tilapia, Mackerel & Salmon. What About Carbs and Fats? Optimum carbohydrate intake for building is between 1.5-2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight. Muscle Advance Weight Gainer has 94g per serving, which helps: * Keep your energy level high * Fuels your workouts * Transports essential amino acids to muscle tissue * Supports healthy weight gain Maximize Your Nutrient Utilization! Eat Your Greens! For optimal digestive health, add around 15-20 grams of fibrous carbohydrates, such as green beans or broccoli, at lunchtime and 15-20 grams more at dinnertime to your diet to help keep your digestive tract clean and ready to accept new nutrients. Proper fat intake is also essential to building muscle and for weight gain. The body needs fats like Omega Essential Fatty Acids to support proper hormone production and brain function. Muscle Advance Weight Gainer contains essential fatty acids like flax and medium chain triglycerides, but absolutely NO transfats. Even MORE Healthy Additions For Your Benefit: * Glutamine Peptides * Vitamins and Minerals * Digestive Enzymes * Purified Bovine Colostrum * L-Glutamine * Creatine Monohydrate Contains NO Aspartame or Acesulfame-K Tips for Using Muscle Advance Weight Gainer Serving Size: Add 2 scoops of weight gain to 16 oz of water or milk in a shaker or blender. Using milk makes a creamier shake with additional calories, carbohydrates and protein! Between Meals: A serving between meals helps maintain protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. Post Workout: One serving consumed immediately after a hard workout to help you recover and for weight gain. Before Bed: Drinking one serving 30-45 minutes before bed. Both Chocolate and Vanilla Make Great Shakes .. For a real treat, try blending with your own healthy additions, like unsweetened frozen fruit or natural peanut butter! Suggested Use: Add two scoops of weight gain to 12 to 16 fluid ounces of water or milk. Mixing two scoops to 16 oz. of milk gives you a thicker and creamier shake loaded with additional calories, protein, and carbohydrates. Between Meals: Drink a serving of weight gain between meals to maintain protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance. Post-Workout: Drink one serving of weight gain immediately after a hard workout session for rapid recovery and anabolic gains. Before Bed: Drink one serving of weight gain 30-45 minutes before bedtime to ensure essential nutrients to the muscles for optimal growth.
Brandan | 01/18/2012 37 reviews
I have always been impressed by muscular people and thought to have my body well toned. I tried so many things but all of them has proven to be not so effective. Muscle advance weight gainer has turnaround my situation from skinny thing to a solid looks. I have also now improving upon with my exercises in terms of stamina and capabilities. I like it and would recommend to others.
Timothy | 01/17/2012 37 reviews
This is a good product, helped me to be in proper shape and toned up my entire body to a larger extent.
Tony | 01/17/2012 37 reviews
what I was looking for. Nothing worked literally. I got to know about this product and having tried so many products before, I gave it my last try. I was suspicious initially but soon got to see results. I was increased upon with my energy levels and also my exercise routine increased due to which my muscles started gaining shape. Also, it tastes good. Unlike other products, this is not harsh on pocket as well.
Peter | 01/15/2012 37 reviews
A miraculous product with no side effects and strong yet effective source of protein power provider in one go. I have seen the results on my own and I am happy about them.
Patrick | 01/15/2012 37 reviews
Unlike other health supplements, this really tastes good. I particularly like it as it comes in the form of chocolate shake. It works for me in two ways. Providing me with a sweet taste of chocolate and also at the same time making me strong enough through the adequate intake of rich protein diet, which are considered to be the building blocks of life. Making me feel strong at all times without fail. Thanks to this product.
James | 01/11/2012 37 reviews
I was worried about the way my metabolism worked in the past. No other thing worked for me the way this wonder product worked. First and foremost it stabilizes and get my metabolism right and secondly it helped me gaining required mass with no side effects at all.
William | 01/10/2012 37 reviews
I have always wondered why I am so lean and why things are not working even though I am giving my best to set the things right. This product changed my perception altogether and now after the usage, I found myself full of confidence through proportionate body. I would recommend this product to everybody. It not only boosts physical appearance but also generates inner confidence and boosts morale.
Phil | 01/05/2012 37 reviews
It is supplying fuel to my workouts. Awesome performance in the gym. Instructor feels jealous of me. I am going to be the next instructor.
Jackson | 01/03/2012 37 reviews
i was in serious search of any weight gainer formula. Just found on your site, the best of the best >. No side effects and easy putting on weight.
Patrick | 12/16/2011 37 reviews
I have gained weight, not just flush but muscles. it comes with dedication and consistency. I am dedicated to weight gainer and my ongoing regime of gym with extra diet.
rohit | 12/09/2011 37 reviews
Muscle advance weight gainer is one of the best products identified in my lifetime. The first modelling offer should not have been possible without this.
Jack | 11/16/2011 37 reviews
I have gained weight according to my body need. Working as per your body level is what I require and what I got.
Robert | 11/08/2011 37 reviews
Tight workout & 2 scoops of Weight Gainer a day is a wonderful blend for ones who are looking for good body.
William | 11/06/2011 37 reviews
I am very lean. Tried on so many medicines & prescriptions but to no avail with a single one. Weight Gainer is seeming good to me, the reason being, I am trying this one. So far it is going good and can see little changes in my body. Hoping to see more results in weeks ahead. Thanks
james | 10/29/2011 37 reviews
with a ambition to have good body, i tried with weight gainer and find good outcomes in terms of health and body fitness.
David Kennedy | 10/12/2011 37 reviews
I used to be slim and under weight. Always heard, health growth supplements have side effects. Reason being, I was scared of using these kind of things. Your Customer service people gave me complete guidance and assured of its reliability and safety. Happy to use and get balanced with body weight.
Patrick | 10/10/2011 37 reviews
Gaining weight with other recommended supplements was little difficult or I would say impossible. My coach said it will but may be with time. If I need to be quick then I need to follow Weight Gainer program which I did and reached certain level. Good.
Peter Graham | 09/26/2011 37 reviews
Just added Weight Gainer in my day routine as an additional supplement and continued exercising with healthy diet. Results are brilliant and imaginary.
Albin | 06/28/2011 37 reviews
I want to build up my body and muscle and gain some pounds faster, I used Muscle Advance Weight Gainer as a supplement following the balance diet and dreams came true I really noticed a drastic change in my muscles which made me very happy
Murphy | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I have a good body from the beginning, still I wasn't happy with something. Now after using it from 6 weeks, my muscles have started gaining shape and I am increased on strength.
Rick | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I had good muscles but with not that bold look. It has made my muscles look more heavier than before.
Alexander | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
My muscles now has started gaining weight slowly and steadly with a great ease.
Joshua | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
My muscles have now come into shape day by day without side effects. Isn't that amazing.
Tammy | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
Not that good the product should be. Showed results but for me, not too impressive..
William | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I knew there were muscles but still were not evident since there was not much weight in them. Exercising has given me much more flexibility and its usage has given an equal weight that they are now evident.
Hercules | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I already have a beautiful body and now it is show-able. Ever since I am using muscle advance weight gainer, my muscles have increased adequately and now I am more appealing and active.
Howard | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
Thin and lean muscles are of no use. I have been benefited from this and would recommend it to others on a high note.
Rowen | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
My muscles previously didn't have the vigour and the force they have now. A rock solid approach with a well-chisled look.
Bradley | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I am looking attractive now after the use of this product for quite a while now. This has enhanced the size of my muscles.
Jaocb | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
My muscles have now gaining shape that was wanted by me. I have not got into shape in true sense.
Lucas | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
I have muscles earlier also but were very lean. Muscle Advance Weight Gainer has provided my muscles with required muscle weight with equal allocation.
Shaun | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
The only thing it does effectively is that it allocates equal weight to each set of muscles so as to have a real hard exercising each day. I can literally feel it.
Vaughan | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
Unlike other health supplements, it tastes good. I like it more as it also comes as chocolate shake. It works for me in two ways. Providing me with a sweet taste of chocolate and also at the same time making me strong enough through the adequate intake of rich protein diet that is known to be the building blocks of life.
Henry | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
It purpose is to properly allocate muscles to each of your required body part within a stipulated time and I have seen its purpose fully solved over me. I am now talk of the gym and everybody is interested to know about this transformation I have within me.
Valdir | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
The whole purpose of it is to provide your muscles with adequate mass per their formation and location. I see it working way too effectively. As of now I have seen enormous growth with my muscle groups and I am happy to have it as it is showing desired results. Lot many people ask me regarding this and I always recommend it to them.
Vance | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
Using it from quite a while now but have not seen things happening that it has claimed. I don't think I can wait any longer now.
Adam | 11/30/-0001 37 reviews
Generally I don't prefer to take supplements for muscles but it is so natural and tasty that I do take it in routine now. Its my true friend.

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