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Omega Mate 3-6-9 Pills

Omega Mate 3-6-9 Pills
Omega Mate 3-6-9 Pills
Brand: 4 Organics
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Omega Mate 3-6-9 Pills

Quantity: 90 Capsules Serving Size: 3 Capsules OMEGA MATE 3-6-9 THE PERFECT OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENT PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE FISH OIL Studies clearly associate the Mediterranean diet, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, with lowered cardiovascular risk and increased life span. Omega-3 contains the essential fat omega-3, comprising two fatty acids, EPA and DHA, which can only be found in fish oil. Both the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids belong to a group of polyunsaturated fats called 'essential' because they are necessary to life and to health yet we cannot make them in the body - they must be obtained from diet. We have developed a natural extract of deep sea cold water fish (marine lipids) with the ideal balance of EPA and DHA (1:1) and vitamin E for stability and enhanced availability. In addition, we use a process of molecular distillation, where any existing toxins are separated from the fish oil by weight and the toxins are discarded. This makes our formula uniquely effective and safe, containing no detectable levels of mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and other toxic metals according to the International Fish Oil Standards. The evidence surrounding the important role of Omega-3 fatty acids in the support of cardiac cells is growing to the point that the federal government recently approved a qualified health claim stating that 'supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.' In addition to their cardio-protective benefits, omega-3 fatty acids also play an important structural role in maintaining healthy cellular membranes, healthy joint function, and a healthy immune system. DHA may also help cognitive and vision function since the human brain and retina are comprised of high concentrations of DHA. However there are problems with many fish oils sold on the world market today: Most of them are low in DHA Most of them are not concentrated Most of them are not molecularly distilled to ensure that all contaminants are removed. Most of them use a mixture of all types of fish oil from around the world which may have become rancid. OMEGA MATE 3-6-9 is manufactured with the highest standards of ingredients (deep sea NZ cold water fish), guaranteed to provide optimal EPA/DHA without any PCB contaminants, mercury, other toxic heavy metals or unpleasant aftertaste. Get It Here What's in the OMEGA MATE 3-6-9(TM) Omega Supplement? Omega Mate 3-6-9 Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 Caps Amt Per Serving Proprietary Blend 1000mg Fish Oil Extract (30% marine lipids) Vitamin E 1000mg 1 IU *Daily Value Not Established 100% All Natural Formula Guaranteed Mercury Free Derived from select species of deep, cold-water, fatty fish from NZ ocean waters. Unique 1/1 ratio of EPA/DHA recommended by nutritionists. Manufactured according to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice.) No fishy aftertaste.
william | 12/23/2011 16 reviews
The nutrients I get of fish oil are amazing. balance the body system...
Ashley | 06/28/2011 16 reviews
OMEGA MATE 3-6-9 is a wonderful product it helped me in improving vision and my immunity system improved a lot. It also cures gastrointestinal problems.
Timothy | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
A wonder pill that takes care of all the three essential elements that are the soul base of exorbitant energy.
Claire | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
A real product ensuring you getting your lost energy back. It revitalizes you in total and leave you with much more strength than ever before. It provides you with all the three essential nutrients in a pill form that are considered to be far more active nourishing body with energy than any other in category. I have felt it for myself and I am loving it at all times. Not only I have gain incredible inner strength but on the whole have seen myself revamped.
Gary | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
Any time you take it, it ensures that you get your lost energy back and retain it effectively. It revitalize the entire system leaving you with more stamina and energy along with flexibility so that you can do more and enjoy more than ever with ease.
Erica | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
The safest and most prudent form of rejuvenating the entire body and leaving you with full of energy with all the three vital components that are considered to be the base of all activities.
Patrick | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It serves its purpose well and provides you with the benefits of having high energy which you can restore and use it at your convenience as and when required.
Nicholas | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
These belong to a group of polyunsaturated fats called essential as they are extremely necessary to life and to health yet they can't be made in the body. The only way to obtain them is through a healthy diet. This produce plays an important structural role in maintaining healthy cellular membranes, healthy joint functions, and a healthy immune system.
Violet | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
Amazing things comes in amazing ways to protect you against all ill effects from internal and external forces.
Wendell | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
This plays quite a pivotal role in maintaining healthy cellular membranes, healthy joint functions along with healthy immune strengthening activity. I don't see any need of taking something else to address the same issues effectively than this.
Donna | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
I Had Problems With My Immune System and Kidney Functions. Omega Mate Gave Me A New Life. Guys you are really doing great job by making these kind of products.!!!!!!!!!!!
Ira | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
When I was just 7 years old, our family Dr. told my Dad to start with Omega rich diet at that time I didn't understand what does it mean and what are the benefits but now after getting Omega Mate 3-6-9 Pills came to know the awesome benefits.
Tracy | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It has make my immune system healthy and has reduced the inflammation as well and I'm loving this product.
Tiffany | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It prevents blood cells from clumping together blood clots that can be a cause of heart attack and stroke, but the day I am using this I am relieved from all such things.
Barbara | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
I was having a very bad immune system from quite a long time and was not relieved by anything, but once I have tried Omega Mate it has actually worked on me and my immune is strong now. Thank you soo much.
Jennifer | 11/30/-0001 16 reviews
It is 100% all natural thing to use and you will actually feel the difference in you so what I have experienced.

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