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Virility EX Pills

Virility EX Pills
Virility EX Pills
Brand: Pacific Naturals
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Virility EX Pills

Virility Ex is the All-Natural Male Enhancement Pill that Works Synergistically with Exercise to Intensify RESULTS.


Quantity: 60 Capules Serving Size: 2 Capsules Virility Ex is one of the best selling male enhancement products on this site and has helped numerous customers of ours achieve the sexual stamina they deserve.

Read below for the full Virility Ex product description.

Get the results you are looking for with the unique advantage of Virility Ex:

- powerful erections

- enlarged erections

- potential to gain three total inches (length and girth)

- reduce embarrassing premature ejaculation

- maintain a harder erection for a longer time

- intense orgasms each time

- increase in the volume of sperm

- long lasting stamina during sex


Virility Ex has been ranked as the number one male penis enhancement supplement without a prescription because it works. This natural alternative to penis enhancement prescriptions was formulated with the intent of taking erection size and strength to a whole new level. Who isn’t looking for a longer lasting and more intense sexexl experience? If you didn’t answer, “I am”, then Virility Ex is not the supplement you are looking for. However, if you want long lasting and rock hard erections with more power and vigor than ever, Virility Ex will help you achieve it with more intense orgasms than before (bonus).

After seeing the results with taking Virility Ex, you will notice that they speak for themselves…and be thankful you found this site! Within a brief period of time from taking Virility Ex pills, erections become stronger, larger, and more intense than ever before, allowing for a more intimate experience with your partner. Imagine knowing that you will satisfy your partner every day. Imagine having the confidence that you know longer must worry about sexual performance and are able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the sexual encounter…how much better to knonothat Virility Ex works.

In addition, it is safe and works quickly to provide a powerful and pleasurable experience. Ever wondered if natural and herbal viagra really existed? Virility Ex is the closest you will come to finding it…so reward yourself with an enhancement supplement that has ingredients that have been trialed and tested to enhance male power from within the pepeniso make the sexexl experience more intense than ever. You may be thinking to yourself nono “That’s great that Virility Ex is so powerful…but how does it work to enhancement my penis?penist safe?”.

The answers lie below, and yes it is all natural and 100% safe. Once you acknowledge the base ability to have incredible sex for long periods of time and also that health and sex are connected together, you can begin your journey of improving levels of passion, vitality, and performance. If you commit to lifestyle changes that improve your health overall (stop smoking, lose weight, gain muscle, maintain a strict diet), your sex life will improve along with those changes; and the great part of it all is that both men and women benefit from an improved sex life.

Although medical health and sexual instances do require the supervision and advice from your doctor, following what your body is saying will bring you to a higher level of physical and mental health that you never before thought possible. More health conscious habits will improve potency, libido, and your ability to function…supplementing with Virility Ex will only enhance and sweeten the deal. The male pepeniss a division of three separate areas…with two large chambers on the top that contain your erectile tissues (also knownnos the Corpora Cavernosa) and another separate area on the bottom. This smaller chamber is where the urination and ejaculation come from (Corpus Spongisum).

Once an erection is initiated, the brain gives way to hormones and signals to send blood to the penis to fill up the chamber with the erectile tissue. The blood fills it up completely and gives you an erection to prepare for sexual intercourse. The maximum amount that the Corpora Cavernosa can be filled with blood is the size of your present erections. Virility Ex works to develop the Corpora Cavernosa and make it stronger as well as larger along with the proper exercises. Unfortunately, at least 20% (probably more) of all men in the United States have a sexual dysfunction or an erection issue at this very moment; and many could overcome this dysfunction simply through proper lifestyle changes…including exexcise and supplementation.

If your body has weak structure and weak muscles, you go to the gym to develop them and also eat properly to repair the muscle. If your penis is unfit and weak in comparison to a fit penis, why treat it differently? Exercise your penis, supplement your penis, and make the proper lifestyle changes to do all that you can for an improved sexual experience before having to get expensive medical involvement.

The Virility Ex pills deliver a tested blend of ingredients that are powerful and designed to improve the health of a man’s pepenisnd sexexl functioning…and the results?

- Power and control over your sexual experience

- A natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

- Firmer and longer lasting erections.

- Larger penile tissue engorgement.

- Larger erections.

- A reduced chance of premature ejaculation.


Also, ask us about the Virility Ex exercise program to improve your male enhancement. Download the bonus .pdf handout towards the top of this product description and follow the instructions for improvement of your sexual strength and stamina. These are a collection of the latest penis enhancement exercises and techniques geared toward helping you achieve a better and stronger sex life than ever before. Your success is crucial to us, and this program is essential to maximizing your experience with using the Virility Ex formula.

The exercises in the bonus booklet work with Virility Ex to give you the results in your sexual experiences and ability to achieve longer, harder, and more confident erections than you could have ever imagined before finding this page. The techniques are researched to increase the blood flow to the penis. If you want strong, firm, full-feeling erections, and a confidence like never before, the exercise program is proven to aid with natural and herbal supplements…and Virility Ex is the righghchoice to supplement for mamale enhancementlong with the exercise program. You may be telling yourself, “I am nervous to try Virility Ex…how could my mind be set at ease?”.

No problem; be confident:

- Virility Ex ships internationally to all customers without problem.

- There is discreet shipping and billing so that your purchase is private.

- The exercises can be done at home at any time.

- The penis is enhanced naturally through Virility Ex and exercise.

- No pumps, no weights, and no surgery are involved at all.


Are you looking for better than the average size penis and better than average sexual performance? There is no doubt that you are…in fact, many women verbalize their discontent with pepenisize and the average male performance; and when they find the Extra-ordinary, they rave to their friends and stick with it.

Women tend to look at men with a larger penis and better sexual performance as more sexually attractive and able to provide for them and a family. Larger penis sizes also mean larger nerve stimulation, increased pleasure for both you and your partner, and a natural solution to take your performance a step above what it once was. If you are ready to try Virility Ex out, re-shape your mind and your body, and completely change your life for the positive, just scroll to the top of this page and press the “Add to Cart” button above this product description.

There is no auto-billing, no commitments, and only your pleasure and happiness to gain. Be confident in our secure ordering system and most importantly: change your sexual performance and your entire life for the better.

Paul | 04/20/2017 106 reviews
This product really works it's the best ever
brady iadf | 08/13/2013 106 reviews
bought virility ex from smarthealth couple times last summer and then again this past wiunter. on my 4th order now and keep coming back to it because it works, it really does., thank you a lot.
Jack Potter | 07/08/2013 106 reviews
I purchased my 2 bottles of Virility Ex online today after reading the positive reviews. I cant wait until I receive my package from you and thank you for promptly getting back to me and answering all of my ordering questions. I cant really provide a top rating for Virility Ex yet, so I had to give 3 stars. But I will return and report my results if you want me to. Thank you again.
jose pedrio | 05/19/2013 106 reviews
i order virility ex every month now for year, wife says intimate no longer that good. after virility ex intimacy became more satisfying for her and better enjoyable also. thanks for virlity i will keep order.
Brian Labaki | 01/07/2012 106 reviews
The fear of being impotent was a burden. Thought to consult doctor, he confirmed it is not what i am thinking. I was relieved. He asked me to get virility for complete power. Since then I am a man and feel pride in seeing myself in mirror.
William | 12/25/2011 106 reviews
I think Virility is the best way to make my lady happy. My lady is eagerly looking for me to join her in the bed everyday.
Rahul | 12/21/2011 106 reviews
The extreme power and extended enhance of Penis in just days. I am the happiest man on the earth, i believe. Satisfying my partner is never been a problem as of now.
Peter Gray | 12/18/2011 106 reviews
You feel pride with power of enhancement. What else 1 male need?
Rajan | 12/14/2011 106 reviews
I consume energy from Virility. I can sense the innerself strongness in me. It has come with virility only.
Mike | 12/13/2011 106 reviews
Virility is the brand of power. It grows me and my internal power instantly. I know it is made for people with low power. I am one of those but not for now.
robert | 12/08/2011 106 reviews
I am proud to say that I am partnered with virility. It has saved many hours of operations and money as well. I appreciate it.
Peter Hunter | 12/04/2011 106 reviews
It performs as per aligned responsibilities. Whatever said, it purely true and no false. I like the commitment.
Peter Ray | 11/22/2011 106 reviews
virility is my great friend. I am seriously in love with it. Been a partner for 3 months. Looking for further association.
Phil Garner | 11/20/2011 106 reviews
The overall reaction is Ok. Cann't appreciate much as in when expectations were high and results were little low. Still continuing to check the further quality.
Jonathan | 11/16/2011 106 reviews
I would say grant success is achieved by lots of people. Thanks to Virility and your company for providing people with such enhanced and ingredients full product. It has WOW & X FACTOR.
Robert Gray | 11/15/2011 106 reviews
Strong erections in seconds, one will never believe, So as I...before using Virility. Changed my perception in days only. It has been fantastic going with Virility. Long time partner.
Richard | 11/07/2011 106 reviews
It actually works in worse conditions. Staying power was improved so as sperm quantity to have more pleasure in climax.
Robin Gray | 10/28/2011 106 reviews
I was literally amazed and shocked to see Penis size increase in about weeks. I was almost depressed and had negative things in my mind about sexual experience but Virility controlled my well.
Logan June | 10/23/2011 106 reviews
great product and great results - after 2 months of usage my penis has grown in size 1.5 inches and lots of more stamina in bed. Virility ex!
Ricky | 10/23/2011 106 reviews
You change your life when you adopt Virility EX. It is off the reach enhanced formula to grow body organs in such a manner with with you feel more powerful. The size is improved as well.
Ray w | 10/19/2011 106 reviews
I had great time with virility. My outlook towards life has completely changed. The way I think and the way I perform to satisfy my partner to the fullest.
Chris | 10/10/2011 106 reviews
Tom | 10/01/2011 106 reviews
It gives me immense pleasure to see increase in size in about inches. A great help in deep penetration and extra enjoy for me as well as my lady.
BRAVO | 09/27/2011 106 reviews
Milton Watta | 09/24/2011 106 reviews
Virility gave intense power and pleasure in my sexual experiences. It kept on getting better and better as and when I was moving ahead with VIRILITY-EX. I have seen magnificent changes in the size, almost 3-4 inches in 2 months span of time. I strongly believe that I am highly satisfied and will continue buying Virility for longer time. Though I was pretty happy with my sexual experience and so as my partner, yet wanted to try something new to ignite the spark. I may be getting lot of other options like gels, sprays and pills but this seemed worth buying to me. I made the online order and delivery was done in 2 days. It's been 3 months in a row that I am enjoying the benefits of Virility. Kudos to your Customer Service people coz they keep it to the best ever. Awesome Service! Keep Moving! All the best! God Bless!
William | 09/07/2011 106 reviews
Smarthealthshop has the best price online for this product. I was very impressed with the pricing on my item. It seems like Smarthealthshop has some of the best prices on other items in general. Definitely a good company to do business with and I look forward to future purchases.
Shane | 09/04/2011 106 reviews
Shane never stays on earth when use Virility. I have found my product, what about you? My lady wants me to be there in bed more frequent.
Jayjay | 08/30/2011 106 reviews
Only on my second bottle of Virility right now but the results are incredible! I would recommend trying it to You and anything you know. I gave it a shot and already the length has increased 2 inches!
sk_09 | 08/29/2011 106 reviews
I don't know but I am in serious love with this product. It delivered me what no one else was able to. HAPPY FAMILY
Gary | 08/26/2011 106 reviews
could not believe the increase in length of about 3-4 inches over a weeks period of time. immense pleasure and long stay while having sex that was not the case earlier. i am recommending this product to more and more people. i want everyone to use and avail the max benefits of life.
Joseph | 08/25/2011 106 reviews
Oh leave it..vigor ex are better than this. will continue with those only.
Rock | 08/24/2011 106 reviews
You guys have made such a nice product now even in the age of 50's I can have powerful and hard rocking sex with my partner which always makes her feel pleasurable. It's my all time favorite.
Robin A | 08/23/2011 106 reviews
was facing a problem of premature ejaculation earlier, now going good and staying for more time with Virility. a definite improve.
Brut | 08/21/2011 106 reviews
Good and long way to go with this one.
Martin | 08/21/2011 106 reviews
You won't believe the Powerful erections I had after using Virility Pills. From 5 Inches, it has gone to about 7.5 Inches. A perfect gain of 2++ Inches. No product in the world could give me this what Virility has given me. Very very happy about the process.
Donald | 08/20/2011 106 reviews
This product is really awesome, me and my wife now enjoys the sexual moments like we never had before. She loves my hard rock performance.
Robert | 08/19/2011 106 reviews
After using Virility Ex Formula I have really noticed increment in the size of my penis and powerful erections are really enjoyable for me and my girlfriend both.
Brian | 08/16/2011 106 reviews
Never like before...things are all together different now. My lady is more than happy to see hard rocking and powerful performance in the bed. Quality is Super. I do appreciate the quality and service.
Mark Quinn | 08/14/2011 106 reviews
my all time favorite, taking for many months and have seen wonderful impacts. sexual relations with my girl are on heaven now. hardcore and power erections.
Oliver | 08/12/2011 106 reviews
G.....R..........E..........A.......T......will have it again and again and again. I cannot express my feelings for this the way it works and impression it leaves on my lady. extremely happy about it.
R K B | 08/11/2011 106 reviews
i was not convinced with any of the products in the market. This is really amazing and hard rocking. Instant results and better sexual experience.
Paul Forbes | 08/06/2011 106 reviews
saw changes in erections and strongness. Continuing with 2 pills a day dose.....happy.
Michael | 08/03/2011 106 reviews
I have never ever seen this kind of product in my life. Since 36, I am using Pills from other competitors but with no gains and lesser satisfaction. A simple course of 2 pills a day has changed my life altogether. How should I thank you? You have been a great to my needs. I will never go to others and stick to Virility EX only.
Donis | 08/02/2011 106 reviews
I would like to commend your company for discovery of such dynamite. Earlier I was worrying about the side effects but your executives ensured me about the safety. Now after using this product for weeks, I feel I am the happiest man on the earth. Thanks a ton!
Robert Smith | 07/29/2011 106 reviews
What an awesome experience with powerful and long lasting erection. My friend recommended Ex Pills and I found it in a great deal.
Mike Williams | 07/29/2011 106 reviews
Virility EX is an incredible product and gives extra-ordinary enhancement so instantly. Immense pleasure in the bed which I was missing for so long, using this I have improved my sex stamina to a great extent and relationship with my wife as well. I simply love it.
Pete Johns | 07/28/2011 106 reviews
Got a lot of stamina with Virility ex but not much size; I guess it does different things with different people but I do wish I could figure out a way to get a little bigger. Still a pretty good enhancement.
Gerald Hawkins | 07/27/2011 106 reviews
I have used virility ex over and over and over again mostly because my wife cant get enough of me when Im on it. Ive used it in the bedroom for over 6 months and have indeed repaed the benefits of improved sexual performance and size. I love virility and will always take it. thank you thank you thank you.
TheoRiiiight | 07/19/2011 106 reviews
great for lasting longer in bed and also for a larger pump of blood flow and more drive to have sex - i like wht i see so far from virility and its helped my love life over the past 3 weeks enough for me to rant about it. virility ex is reall deal!
barryr_877 | 07/17/2011 106 reviews
myfriend told me this is like the poor mans viagra and gave me a couple pills to take- i purchased my own bottle of virility and after about 1 and a half weeks my erections got a lot stronger and stamina went up as well
greg | 07/16/2011 106 reviews
when ever I participate in sex with my partner I unable to maintain erection and facing premature ejaculation due to this I am unable to satisfy my partner. Virility EX Pills is one supplement that has made a notable impact on my sex life and improved mt sexual performance. These pills gave me the boost which I need.
edward g | 06/22/2011 106 reviews
i would sticl to presripction types of meds instead of virility pills such as this one because they are the most proven to work for sex drive and increased erection
jay234 | 06/18/2011 106 reviews
I'm 28 and don't have the same stamina I had when I was 17 anymore. :( By the second week of taking Virility Ex I noticed more energy and an easier time getting an erection than before. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy I took the chance with this.
Danny | 06/16/2011 106 reviews
pretty good but its not the miracle drug like viagra - virility is worth the price you pay
kirk | 06/09/2011 106 reviews
yeah i dont know about the whole penis enlargement thing, it seems to do ok but it works really good for better sex drive so i am going to keep taking virility.
Andrew | 06/08/2011 106 reviews
Yeah this really is some good working stuff - it usually works every time I take it and my wife is definitely a little less moody these days. ;)
the- buc | 06/06/2011 106 reviews
well once i get this stuff we will see what happensw lol
MICHAEL | 06/04/2011 106 reviews
Thanks for the product. Thanks, Michael
Nicholas a | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
The difference wasn't immediate after I started taking Virility Ex. About 3 1/2 weeks later I could notice that I was lasting longer in bed and giving a lot more satisfaction to my girl than before. Overall I am happy and this is my second month using the product so thank yuo very much
Jack | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
It has been fantastic going in the bed with virility. Me and my wife are amazed with its after effects.
Benson | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Strong performance from day one, which will never be believed. So as I before using it. This has changed my perception by providing great results.
Morgan | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I have felt its real strong performance from the time I used it. This is an incredible libido enhancer.
Lucas | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Its usage has given me more satisfaction on qualitative terms.
Dennis | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Happy with the performance.
brain b | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
great product and great results - has given me a lot more sexual stamina in bed with my girl and im really happy to report that virility ex definately lives up to its name! cheers!
Brandon | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I loved first using Virility 3 months ago and am now on my 4th bottle already. I can't really go without it now and may have a day or two where I don't use it but really I keep going back to Virility Ex because it just plain keeps me interested in sex for a longer period of time. No complaints. Great product and great service for sure!
klawz | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
excellent excellent product - i love virility ex because of how it makes me feel when making love. nonstop energy! love it!
Gavin | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
This deliver a powerful synergistic blend of constituents specifically formulated to benefit men's penile and sexual health. The resultant effect is more power and control as it acts as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction.
james kallen | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
i have absolutely loved virility ex since the day i started ordering it (january 2011). tons of energy for sex and better pump for my size as well. i will be ordering this for a long long time to come - no pun intended lol.
Philip | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Now there's an all natural alternative for men is available to immediately increase the size and power of erections thereby giving you all the more powerful and potent erections and your partner with the most satisfying sexual experience, right from the arousal to the climax.
Damien | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
This is meant to increase immediately the size and power of your erections thereby giving you more intense and satisfying sexual experience. No doubts that if you want harder and longer erections along with intense orgasms, this is it that can help you doing so.
Nathan | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
It is an all-natural and powerful alternative that works for having powerful erections for much longer period so as to have a sound sexual performance and activity.
Allan | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
This is very much effective and potent in providing you and enhancing your capacity of having powerful erections everytime you indulged in love making activity for sure. I have seen it myself that it work for longer duration without any negative effect. You will enjoy big time through it.
Falco | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Just surprised it's not working out for me as mentioned. Been using it for 3 days now and can see only gradual improvements.
Diego | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Just wondering why it didn't work for me. I see a lot of people who been doing great with this product. I will be patient until I finish my 60 capsules and then rate this product again. As of now I am really disappointed.
John | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Lack of confidence has always been my issue after my marriage and ever since I started using Virility Ex Pills I am more confident in my sex life and it has vastly improved my general health.
Anthony | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Absolutely delighted with this product and the result. It has given me immense confidence and pleasure when in bed.
Andrew | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I was always worried because of my penis size and after marriage it continued that way, but thanks to my wife she brought me this product and in less than one month there is a big difference in size already. Will keep using it to make our life more healthier and happier.
Jonathan | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
It's the first time I got some kind of result from these products and that was an excellent result and got my confidence level increased.
Graham | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
A big boost in my life when thing were going wrong and was very low on confidence. Virility Ex Pills has helped me in my personal life to get things back on track.
Cameroon | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
An excellent product. Haven't seen many of them so effective in such a short time. It all started for me when I started hitting the late 30's and then from then on my sexual life was a nightmare. But this has changed everything and has helped me satisfy my partners needs.
Anthony | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Didn't fulfill the great expectation but can't deny the fact that this has had some effect in my sexual life.
Frank | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Great product. Confidence booster and it gives more pleasure in sexual life.
Steven | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Not impressed. Will use this if I don't get any thing better
Robbie | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
A great way to bring my life back on track. I had the worst start to my sexual life and thought I'm not big enough to satisfy girls. Thankfully Virility Ex Pills was the first similar product I tried and this was indeed impressive and satisfying.
Dirk | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
This isn't diong any good for me. I'm in my late 40's and I can't find anything that will keep me going in bed. I tried this product for a month now but have shown only traces of improvement with regards to my performance.
Frank | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Great product with amazing results. All credit to Virility Ex Pills for my bedroom performance.
Milton | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Hi All! Me and my family are big fans of Smarthealth shop products. Idol Lash is my daughter's favorite one Female Rx Oil is my wife's favorite product and we have many more with us but its been 3 weeks I am using Virility EX and not finding any changes in my sexual performance. As I know their products very well so I'll surely wait for another 3-4 weeks then would be able to decide.
Edgar | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
The pill I have been using for months as of now. This is always doing wonder to increase my sex Stamina and winning the game in bed.
Raul | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I know I am the not the first user of this product and there are hundreds and thousands of existing customers, still some doubt in my mind in regard to side effects. I have seen the reviews and those looks good. Decided to go with it. Hopefully, things should work well in the future.
Daniel | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Not a good experience I had with this one. Don't know if I have to continue using this or not. Can anyone reply on my review and suggest me for further use. Thanks.
Kevin | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
My is using Female RX oil for a long time and we both were enjoying our sexual activities alot but after using it we are simply having Great fun because size of my penis has also been increased by 2 inches. That's amazing!
Theodore | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Everything is moving good since I started taking Virility Pills. This shows over and above expectation results. I am really happy about it and would like to continue with this.
Jay | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I was little scared of buying/using this product. I know it's a human general phenomenon to always play safe. All the confusions were removed when I went on it. My friends are also a great buyer of this product.
Keiron | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Oh Man! never thought of this much enhancement in my penis size..Just read these reviews and bought it but really worked well for me. Thanks to the consumers of Virility EX..
Andy | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Strong and powerful erections have resulted in ultimate satisfaction of my partner. We have a good bonding now which was missing earlier. Most of my friends are on Virility today. You should be proud to have great invention.
Steve Marker | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I am delighted with the extra ordinary outcome of this pill. One capsule is dynamite and leaves you hungry in bed. Wow, I am feeling at the top of the world. LOTS OF WISHES TO YOU
Sunil | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
I am sure you can never find such kind in India. My friends always look for samples whenever I fly back to my country. They are also very happy about this and good well-wishers for your company.
Patrick | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
My friend suggested me this product 4 days back and I purchased it. Well, yet not getting any difference but he said I should wait for some time. So waiting.....
Darragh | 11/30/-0001 106 reviews
Great! These online exercises really gave me good benefits. Now my Wife and my Girlfriend both are getting crazy because of my Penis size. I have never thought of this. Thanks Buddies!!!!

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